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Red Eyes
Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Today i feel so tired, really do not know why do i feel that way. This morning i woke up from my weird dream. I dream that my girl's family is having problem. After had a few drink, i went to the bathroom and took my first bath today :P After shower, i then realized that my right eye had a blur red spot color in the white area ( doesnt really know what's the name of that area), it seems i'm having iritation. Then i just realized, i'm having this eyes problem, that my right eyes feels like blinking. Yap, it was started from yesterday. Geez, and why dont i realized that i'm having an eyes problem?

After self checking my eyes, which seem turn that i found i have a beautifull eyes... dont i ? :) Then i called Sunter Agung hospital to make an appointment with the doctor. The appointment is setted for 10.00 AM. That means i have to take a leave from my office ( Hurrayyy.....)

Well, i'm planning to take a leave from the office, but my deepest heart said, it's not the right thing to do. So, i headed to office where i'm planning to have a half day permission from my supervisor. After explain something regarding my eye problem, supervisor allowed me to have a half day working.
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